CELIA REUBRECHT is the creator of the Architecture studio CRAIE CRAIE and its associated concept store LA MAISON CRAIE CRAIE .

It was with a scientific Baccalaureate in hand that she joined ESAIL in 2010. Graduated with a Master's degree in Interior Architecture, she founded the creative studio CRAIE CRAIE in 2015, boldly combining interior architecture and design overall. The studio's early days saw her collaborate with various DE architects, enriching her training and consolidating her technical skills. From 2019 to 2021, she shares her knowledge as a CAODAC speaker at ESAIL, training the next generation of interior designers.

In 2023, she took a new step by founding LA MAISON CRAIE CRAIE, a unique place located in Lyon 02, bringing together the CRAIE CRAIE Interior Architecture studio on the upper floor and a decoration concept store on the ground floor.

This space reflects his enthusiasm and dedication to the graphic arts, offering an immersive experience where architecture and decoration converge to form a unique and inspiring place. It draws its essence from the inspirations she draws from her travels and everyday details, thus creating an atmosphere rich in originality and creativity.

The universe CHALK CHALK

LA MAISON CRAIE CRAIE is a unique place bringing together the creative interior architecture studio CRAIE CRAIE on the first floor and its CONCEPT STORE decoration on the ground floor.

Within LA MAISON CRAIE CRAIE, the harmony between the creative interior architecture studio CRAIE CRAIE on the upper floor and the CONCEPT STORE decoration on the ground floor results in an immersive and coherent experience. Célia, as the founder of this project, has shaped every aspect of this space to reflect the unique identity of CRAIE CRAIE.

The creative studio CRAIE CRAIE, specializing in interior architecture and overall design, is committed to bringing its creativity to varied projects, whether in-depth renovations or harmonious and functional decoration. The studio's approach, combining contemporary clean lines with existing tradition, is manifested through each creation, thus creating spaces where fantasy meets the demands of noble materials.

At the same time, the CONCEPT STORE decoration on the ground floor is a showcase of uniquely distinctive pieces and precisely chosen suppliers. Célia, through the distinctive eye of CRAIE CRAIE, took the time to explore creative horizons to find bold, joyful and original creators and brands.

Each item in LA MAISON CRAIE CRAIE is the result of a meticulous selection, reflecting the avant-garde aesthetic and optimistic quality of the CRAIE CRAIE Architecture studio.

Thus, LA MAISON CRAIE CRAIE becomes a place of convergence where the expertise of the creative studio mixes with the creativity of the concept store. Visitors are invited to explore this artistic symbiosis, where every detail, whether a bespoke architectural design or a unique decorative piece, contributes to the singular atmosphere of this space.

By creating LA MAISON CRAIE CRAIE, Célia wanted to offer more than just a physical place, but rather an emotional experience where architecture and decoration combine to create a stimulating and inspiring environment. Customers and visitors are thus immersed in a universe where creativity is expressed through every corner, making this place a true sanctuary of aesthetics and innovation.