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The Flex Tubes, available in lengths of 5 meters and 9 meters, offer an innovative and modern light source, designed by Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen of Studio About.

Their flexible design allows you to shape unique artistic expressions, adding life and movement to your interior decor. With their warm white, red, pink or blue LED light, they create a pleasant ambiance in any space.

Versatile and functional, Flex Tubes can be used as a wall light, table lamp or ceiling light. Included hooks make it easy to wall mount to create custom designs, while their water resistance allows them to be used outdoors in a sheltered location.

Made from silicone, these LED fluorescent tubes add a touch of luxury to your living space and offer you the ability to bend and shape the lamp into your desired pattern.

With their sleek Danish design and convenient packaging, Flex Tubes are ready to illuminate your home with elegance and style, bringing an artistic and contemporary touch to your interior.

  • Dimensions: SMALL 5m x Ø16 cm / LARGE 9m x Ø16 cm / Cord 4m
  • Composition: Silicone
  • Weight: SMALL 1,600 kg / LARGE 2,600 kg
  • Details: Burning time: 20,000 hours. Water resistant can be used outdoors.

SMALL 5m x Ø16 cm / LARGE 9m x Ø16 cm / Cordon 4m


SMALL 1,600 kg / LARGE 2,600 kg

Temps de combustion : 20 000 heures. Résistant à l'eau peuvent être utilisés à l'extérieur.

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