Ultra realistic and fun fruit shapes that brighten up your space.

Lovingly hand-carved, these soy wax candles offer a unique visual and olfactory experience.

  • Dimensions: Lemon: L 7 x H 5 cm / Mandarin: L 6.3 x H 6.5 cm / Corn: L 4 x H 14 cm / Peach: L 6 x H 7 cm.
  • Composition: Made with soy wax, essential oils, organic pigments and recycled cotton wick.
  • Details: Burning time approximately 5 hours

L 6 x H 7 cm

Fabriqué avec de la cire de soja, huiles essentielles, pigments biologiques et mèche en coton recyclé.

Durée de combustion environ 5 heures

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