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Lou Benesch's work revolves around of a timeless concept. His creations seem to come straight from a world where the present blends harmoniously with bygone eras or imaginary futures. Under his skillful brush, animals, plants, human beings and fantastic creatures come to life in incomparable splendor. Each brushstroke, each vibrant color, tells a magical story where poetry and fantasy meet for a captivating spectacle. With an artistic mastery worthy of the greatest, Lou Benesch materializes our wildest dreams on canvas, taking us on a journey beyond the boundaries of time and space.

KIBLIND is a quarterly magazine dedicated to visual culture and contemporary illustration created in 2004 in Lyon.

Since 2017, KIBLIND Store has extended the artistic project of the magazine through the edition and production of posters, books and illustrated objects, relying on a selection of talented artists from the four corners of the world and using printed know-how, notably risography.

Risography is a cold printing technique close to screen printing, which is particularly eco-responsible. It is based on a layer by layer treatment of colors and the use of spot colors, more intense, more vibrant inks, made from vegetable oil and without solvents.

New works and collections throughout the year!

  • Dimensions: Poster A3 format - 29.7 x 42 cm
  • Composition: Munken Print White 150g paper
  • Details: Risography printing at Atelier Kiblind in Lyon
  • Manufactured: France (Lyon)

Poster format A3 - 29,7 x 42 cm

Papier Munken Print White 150g

France (Lyon)

Impression en Risographie à l'Atelier Kiblind à Lyon

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