LOST IN REVERIE strives to capture the magic and mystery of dreamscapes, oscillating between the comforting and the eerie, exploring all the nuances in between.
This book will reveal artworks and illustrations that explore fascinating concepts and styles, navigating between the real and the surreal. It thus becomes a refuge from daily monotony, a poignant reminder of the importance of continuing to nourish our dreams.
Plus, it’s reversible! On the one hand, it reveals a dark, enigmatic universe, where shadows dance and mysteries flourish. On the other side, it reveals a colorful world, vibrant with life, where light shines and the imagination flourishes. This duality adds an intriguing depth to the artistic experience, offering the viewer the opportunity to choose between two distinct perspectives, each offering its own emotional and aesthetic journey.
  • Dimensions: L18cm x L23.5cm
  • Composition: Hard cover with dust jacket
  • Weight: 901g
  • Details : 176 pages. Large format.

l18 cm x L23,5 cm

Couverture rigide avec jaquette

901 g

176 pages. Grand format.

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