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Explore our collection of Ayurvedic teas and herbal teas, a sensory experience that goes beyond the simple pleasure of tasting.

Each blend is carefully crafted according to the principles of Ayurvedic medicine to promote balance and well-being. Savor infusions rich in flavor, combining medicinal herbs, spices and plants for a delicious drink that nourishes the body and soothes the mind.

Energy: Fusion of Japanese Genmaicha, toasted brown rice and vibrant Sencha green tea for a dose of morning energy.

Focus: Chai spices on a base of Pai Mu Tan white tea and turmeric for optimal concentration.

Sleep: Combination of grilled French buckwheat and an Ayurvedic infusion for peaceful nights.

Detox: Combination of lemongrass cider vinegar and grapefruit for a refreshing experience.

Intuition : Ceremonial Cocoa and Double Rose: Comforting infusion of raw cocoa nibs with rose buds and petals & spices *award winning*

Digestion: Mixture of infusion with three mints and cocoa.

  • Dimensions: H9 cm
  • Composition: Organic ingredients, No sweeteners, no flavors.
  • Weight: Without packaging 90 g. With: 150 g
  • Details : A yurvedic
  • Manufactured : France

H9 cm

Ingrédients biologiques, Sans édulcorants, sans arômes.

Sans emballage 90 g. Avec : 150 g



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